Do you accept "walk-ins"?

As our intention is to always do the very best work we are capable of, we are appointment only. Depending on the time of year, we may be booked out for a month or two, or may have openings within the week. We also travel as much as we can, for work or for fun, which highly influences our availability.

I’d like to get a tattoo by one of your artists. How do I get started?

We highly recommend spending some time browsing our portfolios before booking a preliminary consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss your design ideas. While you are welcome to bring in designs or artwork that you found online for inspiration, we will not tattoo another artist's custom design.

When you’re ready, send an email to the artist of your choice with information regarding design and placement.

how much do you charge?

Our shop minimum is $100, but rates vary between artist and project. Pricing will be discussed during your consultation.

When do I get to see my tattoo design?

While we may do some sketching during your consultation, the actual drawing will not be done until later. Due to time constraints your artwork will not be ready until the time of your appointment.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A non-refundable deposit is required to book any appointment. Notice of 48 hours is required to reschedule any appointment or your existing deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to book another appointment.

*Please read our full deposit policy.

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Please do not drink heavily the night before your appointment and be sure to avoid any other blood thinners the day of your appointment. Make sure to let your artist know if you are on any prescription blood thinners or antibiotics, and talk to your doctor beforehand if you have any life threatening conditions that can be exacerbated by the tattoo process.

Make sure to eat a full meal beforehand and we encourage you to bring snacks or beverages to your appointment. Trail mix, beef jerky and candy are all pretty common. Coffee, tea or soda are all acceptable, but please refrain from any energy drinks. Be sure to come well-rested and well-hydrated.

Can I bring friends?

Only one guest is allowed per client in the tattoo area. If you have more than one guest, they are welcome to sit in the waiting area or explore downtown Ames. If you bring friends, please make sure they abide by our shop rules.

Are children allowed to come to my appointment?

Although we understand the importance of your family, a tattoo parlor is not an appropriate place for children. Frankly, it's a long, boring process and we're all super mean and foul-mouthed. If you just need to stop in and book a consultation then we are more than willing to accommodate you, but you will need to to make childcare arrangements for your consultation and appointment(s).

I got sunburned RIGHT before my appointment; is that okay?

Tattooing sunburned skin is not a good idea for obvious reasons. In addition to causing more pain and trauma during the tattooing process, it will dramatically affect the way your tattoo heals. If you come in with a sunburn we may need to reschedule your appointment and take a new deposit. To avoid this risk, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods of time and/or covering the placement area as needed for (at least) a week before your appointment.

is there anything else should I know beforE, during or after my appointment?

During your session we will supply a table for your belongings and hooks to hang any coats, bags or spare clothing. Please do not place them on the floor. Although our floor is mopped nightly, we consider it to be off-limits for sanitary reasons. Please do not sit on the floor, and if you drop anything please ask a member of our staff to retrieve it for you and sanitize it, if necessary.

Please make sure not to touch any of the work surfaces in the tattoo area. Especially do not touch your fresh tattoo, even if your session is over and your tattoo is wrapped. If your session isn’t over, we have a special place for you to hang out during any breaks. Please don’t sit in the main waiting area.

Make sure to wear clean and comfortable clothing that allows access to the area being tattooed. Do not wear anything that you would mind getting stained by tattoo ink as the process can sometimes be messy, and tattoo inks are made to last a long time and difficult to remove from fabric.

I stopped by the shop and it appeared to be closed. Are you still in business?

Yes! Inkblot Studio is a permanent fixture of the Downtown Ames scene. That having been said, we sometimes like to play hooky if we don't have appointments. Daniel likes to spend the afternoon on his bicycle and Kristyn has many fur babies to care for. Our portfolio pages provide many options to get in touch with us, but email is the preferred and quickest way to get in touch with us. Find us, friend us, follow us, bookmark us, stalk us. Most of all, thanks for visiting us online!